What Does the Fox Say?

by Eubie on September 9, 2013

What Does the Fox Say?In an effort to piggyback on the next hot ‘thing,’ we’re offering up this link to what has to be one of the most bizarrely spellbinding music videos we’ve ever seen: What Does the Fox Say? by Norwegian dance-pop group Ylvis (well, we’re saying dance-pop but the duo of Nordic dudes could be headbangers for all we know). What makes this vid so intoxicating, other than the catchiness of the tune and the oh-so-Out-There! fox scat (and we’re using the musical meaning of ‘scat,’ though we recognize that the other meaning might work just as well in this instance), is the lyrical suggestion of some deeper meaning. In the context of the song and video, ‘what does the fox say?’ almost takes on a kind of Secret of Life implication, as though if we could only understand then we would truly understand. Heavy, man, heavy! Enjoy!

Correction: after further investigation, turns out that the group name is not some neologistic riff on ‘Elvis,’ no. It’s actually a shortening of the family name of the two brothers who make up the group: Ylvisåker. Also, these sons of the Land of the Midnight Sun are actually all-purpose performers rather than merely a musical group. Visit their website here, but brush up on your Norwegian first.

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