Tip of the Day: THE Key to Success

by Eubie on September 10, 2013

Nothing succeeds like excess… no wait, nothing exceeds like success? That’s not it. Okay, nothing succeeds like success! Hooray! We got it, though there’s nothing wrong with a little excess every now and then, capiche? So how do you succeed, thus bringing with it even greater levels of success? A while back The Huffington Post ran a couple of stories [“The One Thing These Crazy Successful People Do Every Morning” and  “The One Thing That Successful People Do Every Day–That You’re Getting Wrong“] about how the Movers-and-Shakers are able to effectively move and shake, and these articles can be distilled into a couple of tips, which we offer to you now:

1) Get up early. That’s it and that’s all of it. The one thing (almost) all of these successful people do is get up early and start working, except for Simone de Beauvoir who, though a fascinating personage of the 20th century, as an icon of the feminist movement would probably not much approve of our work here at the HUB (though we do find many of her themes in The Second Sex both provocative and engaging… surprise, surprise!). Mdme de Beauvoir liked to sleep late… at least by comparison to the other titans on the HuffPost‘s list. While she would get up, have a cup of tea, and begin writing at 10 a.m., most of the other folks would be at work before six.

1 1/2) Work. Yep, again not much more to say here, but we will anyway. Get up early, yes, but don’t procrastinate (by a wide margin our biggest character defect). Get up early and start working and over time you might be successful, too, and that success could lead to more… oh, we don’t know? getting up earlier? No really, if you can master these two suggestions you will probably never find yourself crawling out of a sewer, holes in your empty, dirty pockets and shoes, covered in slime and reeking of urine and Isopropyl. Now as Mary Jane encouragingly said, “Go get ’em, tiger!”

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