Tip of the Day: (More) Foods to Make You Thin(ner)

by Eubie on September 11, 2013

Well, we were going to do a whole TotD segment on the banana, but instead we’re going to offer a broader list of great foods to eat to help you suck in that gut. Still, we want to single out the banana, having just gone through a bunch in the last couple of days and realizing what a dynamite snack those yellow phalluses make. Scrumptious! And now there’s another reason to eat them: they’ll help to absorb all that salt you’re (unfortunately and unconsciously) choking down every day. So, go here to see why these foods are so fab in the fight against flab (we think perhaps we’re getting a little too carried away with our cutesy-ness), but before that here’s the list in case you want to just trust us that these UB-approved foods are good for you:

1) Bananas (as previously given our shout-out to)

2) Rice (instead of all those nasty whole grains you’re shoveling)

3) Yogurt (but skip the Chobani Blueberry for the time being if you’ve got an upcoming drug test… the U.S. Air Force recently declared this variety ‘grub non grata’ because of hemp seeds in the mix [which, actually, are good for you], though Chobani has said it will be removing the seeds… though no word on the stems, dude)

4) Herbal Tea (and don’t forget your skirt, Nancy… no really, we like herb-al tea)

5) Cucumber (we prefer ours ‘pickled,’ though we’re not sure if they’ll make you thinner)

6) Papaya (love ’em, but a bit pricey ’round town)

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