Tip of the Day: ‘SuperTracker’ It

by Eubie on September 12, 2013

It’s late here at the HUB so we’re not going to do much more than point you in the right direction and let you figure out today’s tip on your own. Uncle Sugar now has a website you can join that will allow you to track your eating and exercising habits called, fittingly enough, SuperTracker. We didn’t get to the end of making a profile before we tired and decided to leave it for another day (like today), but we can assure you that based on what we saw your Uncle won’t have enough info on you to do much more than add a little fuel to the fire of your fertile conspiracy-minded imagination. You can sign up incognito and about all the government will be able to track are your habits, though not who ‘you’ actually are… well, on the face of it. Who knows how deep is the Rabbit Hole? Anyway, the site has loads of stuff to keep your eyes locked on the glowing page, which is not exactly what the whole things is about, so proceed at your own discretion. It seems to be useful for those who use these sorts of things. We’ll get back to you after we’ve fully vetted it (or better yet, get back to us so that we can just pass it along!)

UPDATE: Okay, we’ve done a bit more investigation and the page is a kind of website app that allows you to set weight loss/exercise goals based on inputting said goals, what you eat daily, and what types of exercises you like to do. That is, if you want to lose 10 pounds and you eat McDonald’s throughout the day, you’ll need to knock out at least one marathon before bedtime, more or less. The site looks interesting so don’t be shy.

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