Tip of the Day: Another Approach to Fitness, Courtesy of the White Tiger

by Eubie on September 13, 2013

WT tinyHere’s the bomb: http://www.maxworkoutclub.com/

Their exercise and diet advice is the best I’ve seen. Oh, and Mrs. WT and I have been customers there for over two years. We both are in as good a shape as we’ve ever been in. I dropped about 45 pounds of blubber while putting on some good lean muscle (yes, I got fat when I stopped exercising for two years) and Mrs. WT has an awesome, tight body too (she wants to do bikini contests and she thinks she can win – I concur!)
The workouts take 20 minutes or less a day, 4 days a week if you do only the basic stuff, or 6 days if you do the cardio too. I recommend supplementing the 4 days with 2 extra days of muscle stuff if you’re a guy, and supplementing it with 2 extra days of cardio if you’re a chick. Obviously we know who your readers are going to be…

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