Tip of the Day: Mindfulness

by Eubie on September 14, 2013

New research from Psychology Today indicates ‘mindfulness training’ can help you quit smoking (and, apparently, a bunch of other stuff). Mindfulness, you say? Well, read the article for yourself, but the bottom-line is to confront your craving for a cigarette head-on, rather than using avoidance or distraction strategies to get through the rough patch. Say what, you say? Us, too. The lab coat fielding the questions, a Dr. Judson Brewer from Yale, offers this acronym to help you to understand: RAIN. Dr. Brewer elaborates:

R–Recognize the craving is coming on and embrace it.

A–Accept what is happening to you instead of running away from your craving.

I–Investigate what’s going on with you; what are your feelings and how is your body responding.

N–Note (or take note of) what effect the craving is having on you, and kind of ‘think’ it away.

There’s more to it. The subjects under study attended weeks of ‘mindfulness training’ in order to become ‘mindfulness yogis,’ so you might want to search around the ‘Net for more advanced instruction (such as this website). Yale doc says it works, so unless you’re a Harvard man you might want to give it some consideration.

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