Tip of the Day: Empathize

by Eubie on September 15, 2013

With the rise of such Me-centered websites as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and the like, there’s been a groundswell of criticism about our increasingly narcissistic society. Everybody talks and nobody listens. ‘Selfie’ was recently added to the Oxford English Dictionary… online, that is (for the last of you not hip to this youthful slang, it’s a self-portrait photo, usually taken with a camera-phone of the camera-phone owner by said owner and then loaded on a social media website). For a few years, headshrinkers have been debating/discussing this phenomenon, and the data seems to show that we are in fact more self-centered than we used to be. So what’s the problem? Hey, we’re talking here! Pay attention! So the problem is focusing on you will not make you happy; or to put it in the reverse, focusing on others will. Today try to do something nice for someone else. The twist is that this will actually make you feel better… and it’s all about YOU anyway, isn’t it?

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