Tip of the Day: Wasabi Peas

by Eubie on September 20, 2013

We like to occasionally push reasonably healthy snacks that you might not be familiar with but are really tasty (and often somewhat peculiar). And that’s why today’s tip is to try some Wasabi Peas. You’ll find them at the grocery for a hefty three bucks per bagful, but you can expect to get at least four or five good snack experiences out of a sack, so $50 per nosh. An OZ has a fair amount of protein and fiber, as well as salt and saturated fat, but considering the good with the bad, this is a snack worth investigating because of its sinus-clearing, spicy properties. If you like scald-your-frontal-lobe hot, you’ll love these little babies. Supposed to stimulate endorphins, too, so that’s a plus!

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