Breaking Bad: This is the End of Walter White

by Eubie on September 29, 2013

In a few minutes, the Breaking Bad series finale is about to spool out the last hurrah of Walter Hartwell White, his protege, Jesse Pinkman, his wife, Skyler, his children and the angry orbit of peripheral characters collapsing around our protagonist, or more accurately, his out-of-control meteor on a collision course with the Greatness. Last we left Walt, he’d left half a finger of Scotch on a bar counter for the sheriffs closing in. Godspeed, Mr. White, and may you find peace.

ADDENDUM [‘Spoiler Alert!’]: The saga of Walter White/Heisenberg has come to a most satisfying close. The finale did not disappoint. Walter outfoxed ’em again, wrapped up loose ends, and went out on his own terms. And, in the end, he was redeemed… and we cheered him on. Yes, he ‘broke bad,’ but he solved the puzzle one final time, applied the principles of science and chemistry (though mechanics is a more accurate field drawn from) to be the ‘Man Who Knocks’ (and, fittingly, that’s exactly who he was). Rest in Peace, Mr. White.

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