Tip of the Day: What We Learned in the Army–Vehicle Maintenance

by Eubie on October 7, 2013

For a couple of days, we’ll be providing tips based on what useful things we learned during our tour of duty in Uncle Samuel’s Army. First up, vehicle maintenance. Any military man will tell you that a soldier spends a lot of time maintaining his or her vehicle and equipment. Other than training, field exercises, and actual conflict, maintaining equipment is just about all a soldier does. The reason, as they say, is obvious: your equipment just might save your life, but it can’t or won’t be in a position to do that if it’s kaput. So, making sure your equipment is functioning properly is akin to life-saving. And though you’re not in the army, you can use this tip in your civilian life. Take the time to do the regular maintenance required on your vehicle. Keep it clean and in top-performing shape. Expand this tip to all areas of your life: your other possessions (house, clothes, nicknacks, what-have-you) and yourself. Think of it as a general rule of getting along: take care of your shit!

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