Tip of the Day: What We Learned in the Army, Part 3–The Right Tools

by Eubie on October 10, 2013

The other day we ‘tipped’ about the importance of maintaining your equipment. Today we what to stress the importance of having the ‘right’ equipment… or to put this tip in Boy Scouts vernacular: Always Be Prepared. How does this work in your ‘real’ life? Well, it depends on what ‘real’ life you’re living, but essentially you need tools to survive, and the right ones, well-maintained, are a key ingredient in both survival and success. For example, every man should have a knife and know how to use it… and not for skewering your enemies, no. Knives are useful for cutting food, for example. Or brush… as in the underbrush around a campsite that needs to be ‘cleaned’ to allow for a more comfortable camping experience. Knives also can be used for self-defense, sure, but we all hope it never comes to that, yes? So, spend a little time today considering what tools you need to both survive and thrive in this world. Then get them and learn how to use them!

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