Tip of the Day: ‘Tricks’ To Build Muscle All Day Long

by Eubie on October 19, 2013

Here are 18 wonderful tips in one on how to build muscle throughout the day (and be healthier while you’re doing it):

1) Drink 16 oz. of water before breakfast

2) Eat a ‘real’ whole grain cereal

3) Walk or bike to work (if you, like the other 41 percent of Americans, live within five miles of work)

4) Drink black coffee (or rather, don’t drink all those fattening primo coffee drinks)

5) Stretch your shoulders (exercise provided in the article)

6) Use your e-calendar to schedule workouts

7) Eat more ‘healthy’ protein

8) Keep the thermostat at 71 degrees

9) Take a nap

10) Do leg exercises in the afternoon to warm up your haunches.

11) Drink two cups of coffee (16 oz.) an hour before you workout

12) Don’t take Ibuprophen (or any other anti-inflammatory) before your workout; instead, get a massage AFTER your workout

13) Stretch after your workout to relieve muscle soreness

14) Chew (your food) longer

15) Get more Vitamin D

16) Keep a record of your progress

17) Drink a protein shake

18) Go to bed at the same time every night and try to sleep a full eight (8) hours

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