Tip of the Day: Know Your Numbers

by Eubie on October 20, 2013

As in, the seven health-related numbers that, together, present a pretty clear picture of your overall condition. They are:

1) 150 (minutes of exercise each week is what you should be getting, whether in short workout bursts or longer, grueling sessions)

2) Less than 5.7% (A1C blood sugar reading)

3) 130/80 or less (blood pressure reading)

4) 85 to 145 (Target Heart Rate or THR when exercising)

5) Below 100 (mg/dL for LDL) and above 50 (mg/dL for HDL cholesterol)

6) 25 or less (Body Mass Index or BMI)

7) 10,000 (steps you should walk every day)

Find out what yours are and then work on getting those numbers in the target ranges.

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