Tip of the Day: A Thousand Clowns

by Eubie on November 16, 2013

In this website’s other incarnation, we referenced the 1965 Academy Award-nominated film A Thousand Clowns because, quite frankly, you can learn a lot from this movie about how to be both a person in this modern world AND an unrepentant bachelor (though our film’s protagonist, Murray Burns, does ‘repent’… poor fella). Today’s tip, simply enough, is to watch the movie. We’ll get you started with the introductory clip, which features a brief refrain of the film’s theme song, the lyrics of which were written by none other than Judy Holliday in what would be her last screen credit before her premature death that year at the age of 43 from breast cancer. So today, as Chuckles the Chipmunk might warn, look out for the “freaks, fakes, phonies, and frauds.” Even now, almost 50 years later, they still seem to be everywhere.

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