Tip of the Day: Got Game?

by Eubie on November 20, 2013

Thus far we haven’t offered much in the way of advice on interacting with our unrepentant bachelorette brethren (sisteren?), but today we’re going to rectify that with a few tips on how to approach strangers and not wind up cooling your heels in a jail cell (or, perhaps more likely, skulking away after a rebuff from your intended new ‘friend’). Match.com has four tips culled from the mind of one of the most well-known pickup artists (PUAs they’re often called), Neil Strauss. Read, memorize, and put into action these ‘tricks’ and you might one day find yourself leaving your UB lifestyle behind, which we can’t entirely support but also can’t entirely condemn. Coupling is fine for many… most even… so if you’re a transitional UB, these tips might help you find that special someone to liberate you from your solitude. The rest of us? Well, even an unrepentant bachelor has certain needs, yes?

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