Tip of the Day: Attack Ships on Fire…

by Eubie on November 21, 2013

Yes, yes, the tip of the day don’t make no sense… or does it? Well, in a roundabout way it does. Recently (say, yesterday), we here at the HUB ‘discovered’ the Sundance Channel, a network on cable connected to the Sundance Film Festival in some fashion (though we didn’t bother to stitch the threads). It’s a movie channel, and thus far (a day, remember?) it’s shown some pretty good movies. Today is no different. Slated for primetime tonight is a Sci-Fi classic, 1982’s Blade Runner. Based on a Philip K. Dick novella, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (1968)–wonderful title, isn’t it?–the film ‘introduced’ Dick to a larger audience and helped pave the way for many of the best Sci-Fi movies of the previous decades based on his other works. Our tip, as you might well imagine, is to check out the film tonight–and the Sundance Channel fare in general–but our catchy tip title comes from the signature scene of the movie… oh, we plan on featuring signature movie scenes in the future to help guide you through this wicked, wicked world of ours. We don’t want to spoil it for you, but we do want to draw attention to the phrase and the scene to get you prepared. Watch it, learn from it, and apply those lessons in your daily life. It’s all tears in the rain, Roy… tears in the rain (watch and you’ll understand!)

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