Tip of the Day: Mourn and Reflect

by Eubie on November 22, 2013

By now, if you haven’t heard–and if you haven’t you’ve either been in a coma or a cave–today is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of our 35th president, Jack Kennedy. After half a century, you might think the time for mourning the man’s untimely death at 46 from a gunshot wound to the head has come and gone. For some, yes, but all might want to reconsider what were (and are) the larger implications and weep once more. Several of the many, many, many movies, documentaries, and books making the rounds have posed the thesis that Kennedy’s death, and more particularly the investigation that followed, created an endlessly twisting tale of conspiracies wrapped in riddles shrouded in a shifting and amorphous cloud of mystery, ushering in our modern age; an age of paranoid, anger, distrust, and despair… an age whose time has not yet passed. We can only imagine what might have been had we been given a chance to see JFK’s ‘New Frontier‘ fully realized. If ever there was a day to consider it, today is it. So take a moment to reflect, and maybe another to shed one more tear for the world we’ll never know.

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