Tip of the Day: ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’

by Eubie on November 25, 2013

thIf you haven’t guessed yet, we are big fans of Doctor Who, feted this past week with all things ‘Who’ on BBC America to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary. One of the additions to commemorate the birthday is the film An Adventure in Space and Time, the story of how the show came to be, and came to be on the air. Well, we finally got to see the movie last night, and so that is why watching it is our tip of the day. It is a wonderful film about an amazing story of one of TV’s most iconic characters. Whether you know a Dalek from a Zygon from a companion, you’ll still appreciate this period piece on the inner workings of BBC TV and how it came to produce this Sci-Fi masterpiece.

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