Tip of the Day: Sleep Secrets

by Eubie on December 6, 2013

The days are getting shorter; the weather, colder. What this has to do with losing sleep, we do not know… but there you have it. Find yourself up late at night worried about the end of the year, the coming holidays, the Affordable Care Act, a visit from the three ghosts of Christmas? Then try a few of these tips courtesy (once again) of Yahoo! Shine. Some of these suggestions go against the conventional wisdom (or commonly accepted advice for the sleep-deprived). For example, almost every article says that watching TV in bed, or right before you try to go to sleep, is bad. Well, you won’t get that here. In fact, the Yahoo! specialists actually say the opposite, that watching TV might help you fall asleep (and on a personal note, it’s always worked for us!) Read on.

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