Tip of the Day: Finance Lessons From 2013

by Eubie on December 19, 2013

MarketWatch has an end-of-the-year article on what important lessons you should’ve taken away from playing the stock market in 2013. Read it for the details. Until then, here are the (seven) lessons you should’ve learned:

1) Buy and hold works (that is, buy it and sit on it)

2) Forecasting doesn’t work

3) Stop buying negative yield TIPS (whatever that means)

4) Be careful with long-term bond funds

5) You have a LONG way to go (to retirement, if you’re the average American putting less-than-average away for your golden years)

6) Personal preference is not an investment strategy (do your research!)

7) You can’t win if you don’t play… in other words, if you didn’t put money in the stock market in 2013, you lost!

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