Tip of the Day: Make Money in the New Year

by Eubie on January 2, 2014

In keeping with our previous days’ theme of financial security, here’s an article from Yahoo! Finance on how to make money in 2014. The suggestions:

1) Track spending

2) Balance cash in, cash out

3) Be realistic (on your ability to curb your spending)

4) Automate (have your money move around automatically, such as having your check direct deposited, or credit card payments set up to be paid, again automatically)

5) Aim to be fee-less

6) Get rid of your cable TV service (or don’t… we won’t be taking such a dramatic step, but you might want to consider it)

7) Negotiate other bills (such as credit card rates, insurance costs, medical bills, phone bills, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera… )

8) Rethink 2013 offers (those ‘freebies’ you went for that have turned out to be costly, rather than cost-saving)

9) Get healthier

10) Stay motivated (to save money!)

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