Tip of the Day: Celebrate ‘UB’ Day!

by Eubie on January 4, 2014

Today (January 4th) is Unrepentant Bachelor (UB) Day! Chosen in honor of ‘One-Four,’ as in ‘All for one, and (one-four) all!’ Too cute? Anyway, we needed to get on the map with a day to celebrate us Neanderthals–those singletons on society’s lunatic fringes–who make our contribution to the Human Race by staying out of other people’s way. Here’s to us, my brethren (and sistren… we’ve said this before: we’re a Big Tent; plenty of room for our unrepentant sisters). Raise a glass and let out a hearty, “Pip pip!” for those “gentlemen-rankers out on spree… ;” those ‘life’ explorers and ‘answer’ seekers who go it alone.

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