Tip of the Day: Wookin’ Pa Nub!

by Eubie on January 6, 2014

A new year might have some of you reconsidering your status as an unrepentant bachelor. Are you, in the words of the immortal Buckwheat, “Wookin’ pa nub“? Try some of these tips from AskMen.com about the proper way to go about finding romance on the Internet (we hope, after all, that you’re net-savvy considering you found your way to this site!) In brief:

1) On your profile, use photos of yourself that show you with others… and not only those ‘lone wolf’ shots you’re so fond of. For those face shots, don’t look in the camera (looking off into the distance creates an air of mystery)

2) In fact, make an effort and take a few photos of yourself for your profile that convey who you are (or what you want romantic partners to think you are). Clean up, suit up, and then take some quality shots.

3) Put a little effort into the written portion of your profile. Take a deep swim in Lake You and let your inner Bard emerge.

4) Send ‘clever’ breaking-the-ice messages, ones that require your intended to think… and which encourage her/him to think of you as clever!

5) Get your ‘target’ off the site and into more private, one-on-one convos.

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