Tip of the Day: Your Verse

by Eubie on January 31, 2014

Apple’s got a new commercial on the Idiot Box that, quite frankly, is quite lovely. The ad features a quote from Dead Poets Society (1989), itself quoting Walt Whitman’s poem O Me! O Life! We find the commercial, the DPS clip, and the Whitman poem all inspiring and thought-provoking. The singular theme all three share is one we here at the HUB endorse: what meaning there is in this life for any one of us, or all us collectively, is to be found in both our Grand Narrative (humanity’s story through time) and the individual narratives of each of us as we contribute our story to the larger narrative. So the question for you, my brothers, to consider today is, what will your contribution be? Start ‘writing’ it (and living it) today!

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