Tip of the Day: The ‘Seinfeld Strategy’

by Eubie on February 17, 2014

We did not invent procrastination but we certainly have perfected it (much to our chagrin). While putting off other work (such as writing this tip), we happened across this interesting article from Entrepreneur magazine on the ‘Seinfeld Strategy’ for overcoming our tendency to put things off. And, it is sublime in its simplicity: don’t break the chain. Jer recommends you get a one-year calendar, nail it to the wall, and then ‘X’ off every day you do the thing that’s prompted you to buy that calendar in the first place. In Seinfeld’s case, it was writing every day. The ‘strategy’ is to try to get as many of those Xs in an unbroken row, a chain of Xs if you will. Oh, and here is a video of Seinfeld (indirectly) explaining his ‘process’ and the fruit of his labor that it yielded. Together (article and video), not only will help you address your bad habit of slacking, but will also give you insights into the mind of one of our most brilliant contemporary comedy minds.

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