Tip of the Day: Dudespaper

by Eubie on February 22, 2014

Yesterday we mentioned the Coen Brothers’ The Big Lebowski in reference to our tip to strike out to the lanes. As the result of our meticulous research, we’ve uncovered an additional bit of bric-a-brac related to the movie and its protagonist who, strangely enough, was not actually the eponymous Lebowski (he explains it all here, in case you’re curious). Anyway, turns out that a whole cottage industry has sprung up because of the Dude’s appeal, and the flagship rag bringing it all together is The Dudespaper. There’s even a link that educates on Dudeism, the official religion of all things The Dude, with help on getting ordained as a reverend in the church. To paraphrase the Great Man Himself, “Abide, my brothers. Abide!”

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