Tip of the Day: ‘Eddie’

by Eubie on March 30, 2014

louisck-dougstanhope-585x291So late last night we happened to catch an episode of Louie on FX titled ‘Eddie‘ and featuring standup comic kindred spirit (to Louis CK, that is) Doug Stanhope. The show revolves around Stanhope surprising Louis after a show and the two hanging out in various NY boroughs and catching up after years apart, each having gone in a different direction (Louie on to fame and fortune and Doug [Eddie] on to obscurity). The climatic scene features Eddie telling Louis about his intention to kill himself after his (Eddie’s) last show in Maine. It’s a brilliant scene in a brilliant episode, but we’re pushing it here because of what this scene captures and how that matches up so well with what we’re trying to do here at the HUB. Here you have an unrepentant bachelor who has lost all hope… and we want to do something about that with this site; try to restore some hope to the hopeless by bringing us all together to commiserate and demonstrate that we are, in fact, not alone. Watch the scene, the episode, and the show. You (we) have much to learn, my brothers!

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