Tip of the Day: Living in a Van (Down by the River)

by Eubie on April 3, 2014

If you don’t know the above reference then you haven’t heard of a comedian named Chris Farley and you haven’t seen a TV show called Saturday Night Live… and if you aren’t familiar with either of these then you’re already probably living in a van down by the river and, therefore, not in need of the guidance offered by today’s tip; that is, how to live in a van, regardless of whether it’s within the proximity of any body of water, running or stationary. Many of our UB brethren have gotten the shaft since the economy’s collapse in 2008. It is ‘the end of men,’ as they say. So what’s a (poor) fella to do? Get a van and live in it… just about as cheaply as an unrepentant bachelor can live (aside from incarceration, institutionalization, or compete destitution). Oh, and go to this Wiki Books page on ‘Van Dwelling’┬áto learn how! We are… and we will!

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