Tip of the Day: Diet Myths

by Eubie on April 13, 2014

Here are seven common beliefs about dieting that, science shows, just aren’t true. Adjust accordingly.

1) Eating several mini meals throughout the day (rather than three ‘regular’ meals) will not help you lose weight

2) The number on the scale matters! (It doesn’t… but focusing the process of losing weight does)

3) Juice cleanses work! (They don’t… soon as you stop, you’ll gain that ‘water’ weight right back)

4) Snacking reduces your appetite at meal times (Nope! People who snacked before dinner ate about as much as them that didn’t)

5) Working out makes you eat more (Not according to research it doesn’t)

6) Drinking low cal/no cal drinks is better for you than soft drinks (Yes and no… better in that they are healthier, but when you compensate by eating more, you lose that benefit… and low cal/no cal drink drinkers do)

7) Don’t eat sweets! (Wrong! Do eat [some] sweets, especially dark chocolate, which might actually help you lose a few pounds)

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