Tip of the Day: ‘Conscientiousness’

by Eubie on May 5, 2014

The magic key to success… more specifically, the variable that best, and most consistently, correlates with success, so says Business Insider. We… how shall we put this? … we are whatever is the polar opposite of conscientious. If it wasn’t so exhausting trying to find the proper word, we’d offer something spiffier than ‘lazy,’ but ‘lazy’ it is. If you have a gift (or curse) for procrastination, how can you be more ‘conscientious’? The article suggests a solution: do what conscientious people do. Having defined the concept–essentially what it means to be ‘conscientious’–you need only throw yourself into those actions that exemplify that go-get-’em, hit-the-ground-running, balls-to-the-wall, never-give-up, never-give-in attitude that will help you get what you want… and it’s all about getting what you want. Of course, it makes intuitive sense: if you want to get something done, you have to do it. Simple as that!

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