Oops! Added Tip of the Day: ‘Louie’ is Back!

by Eubie on May 6, 2014

You still have time to catch reruns of the season four debut of back-to-back episodes of Louie. Having just finished checking both out let us say that redheaded Mexican Manhattanite has not lost a step. The opener–‘Back’–revisits a favorite Louie meme: circuitous plot lines that converge in unlikely (and, of course, funny) outcomes. Oh, and apparently the show has reworked the intro, dropping the updated version of Brother Louie. So ‘Back’ begins with Louie playing poker with his New York stand-up friends–including Sarah Silverman–a setup featured on previous episodes. One of the players, comedian Jim Norton, mentions masturbating with a vibrator, sending Louie on a quest to covertly buy one at a sex shop. While fumbling through his customer interaction with staff, he wrenches his back, leading him to drop in on the local doctor in his building, played by comedy legend Charles Grodin to perfection. The scene is comedy gold, vintage Grodin, who advises Louie to learn to accept his bad back problem. On the way out, the secretary gives Louie a further bit of advice: get a vibrator. We close with Louie taking his new toy into the bedroom to help ease his ‘back’ troubles.

Episode two–‘Model’–showcases one of the other aspects of the show that makes it so unique: it’s darkness. Here we open with Louie hitting on the waitresses at a comedy club, humiliatingly unsuccessfully, only to later run into Jerry Seinfeld (who’s kind of a dick playing himself, actually). Jerry talks Louie into doing a benefit in the Hamptons, which Louie totally fucks up. His warmup for Jerry is the essence of bombing onstage, though Louie does managed to win the heart of one audience member who turns out to be a sexy (and extremely wealthy) supermodel who invites him back to her beach house for sex. A post-coital tete-a-tete ends with Louie accidentally cold-cocking the model, sending her to the ER. The fallout is that, in order to avoid getting crushed by the powerful family (likely to include prison), Louie has to pay the girl $5,000 a month for the rest of his life. The resolve features Louie, now with a huge bandage on his nose from a sock from the girl’s ‘walked-on-the-Moon’ astronaut father, telling his tale of woe to one of the waitresses from the first scene, and this ends with the girl leaving to get them drinks and Louie, his face covered in a white gauzy nose guard, smiling.

Insider tip: Thus far, into a fourth season and, even in the most appropriate of situations, Louie has yet to take off his shirt. Yes, he even showers with his shirt on (see the season three finale, ‘New Year’s Eve’). Start your letter-writing campaign now!

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