Tip of the Day: Travel Tips from Jack Bauer

by Eubie on May 14, 2014

If the name ‘Jack Bauer’ is not familiar to you then you’ve no doubt just returned from a decade-long coma. Welcome back! Jack’s a super-duper globetrotting spy who works for God-knows-which super-secret government agency (or maybe no government agency at all… kind of got confused there towards the 24th hour) who travels to exotic locales to meet new people (and kill them). Apparently we can learn a few things about being a conscientious traveler from our primetime TV hero, and these can be found in this article. We’ll let you give them the once over yourselves. After you’ve assimilated these tips, you’ll be on your way to James Bond-ing your way around the Big Blue Marble today. Okay!

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