Tip of the Day: Don’t Quit Your Day Job (To Start a Business) If…

by Eubie on May 16, 2014

Want to be your own boss? Who doesn’t? Unfortunately, you should consider whether you’re cut out for the life of an entrepreneur. Here are the four questions you should ask (and answer ‘affirmatively’) to determine if going out on your own in the business world is right for you:

1) Do you consider yourself a ‘jack-of-all-trades’?

2) Do you want to work really, really (REALLY) hard?

3) Are you ‘supremely’ self-confident?

4) Do you want to be (un)happy? [Apparently, entrepreneurs aren’t the happiest of people… which makes sense as they aren’t particularly driven by a desire to be happier.]

If you didn’t bat four-for-four, you might want to consider buckling down at work so you can ride your current job out until retirement.

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