Conflict Spiral

by Eubie on June 20, 2014

If you are a fan of peace (or rather, a ‘man of peace’), the news is not good. After 60 continuous Cold War-ish years of ever-increasing peacefulness here on Home Base Alpha, we’re now in the midst of a seven-year slide, so says the just-released 2014 Global Peace Index put out by the Institute for Economics and Peace, some kind of think-tanky thingie. The headline: ‘Global violence is up, up, UP!’ Tens of millions of displaced persons, many (most?) of them children. We’ll leave the ‘Why?’ of it to others to solve, instead choosing only to point out that at least in this way the world is not becoming a better place to live, contrary to an argument by Steven Pinker that recently caught fire: the better angels of our nature were winning out.

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