Tip of the Day: ‘Amor Fati’

by Eubie on July 9, 2014

Another day, another opportunity to learn. Found this one quite by accident. Way back in the day, our old chum Fred Nietzsche had a bit of a falling out with his senior, Art Schopenhauer. Now this is all very, very heady stuff, but in the mini, Art thought life sucked because of all the nastiness that goes on while we’re up to our necks in it, culminating in death. Fred, on the other hand, had a more ‘affirmative’ view of this reality. He thought we should love it, in all it’s ugliness and despair. Yes, ‘amor fati’ means ‘love (your) fate.’ Good, bad, whatever, be positive. Yes, yes, it’s all so much more complicated than that, but it is something to think about… at least for today.

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