Tip of the Day: ‘First, You’ve Got to Get Mad!’

by Eubie on July 25, 2014

howard-beale-network[1]We’ve never kept secret our admiration for the 1976 masterpiece Network, a four-time Oscar-winning (three of the top four acting awards and Best Original Screenplay) collaboration between legendary ‘Golden Age of Television’ screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky and famed director Sidney Lumet. And of course, we are big, big fans of the film’s signature scene: the on-air crackup of Howard Beale (though we’re also kinda partial to Louisville’s own Ned Beatty’s ‘primal forces of nature!’ speech, another swipe at the Modern Age even more relevant today than Howard’s infamous rallying cry). So, today’s tip? Isn’t it obvious? Get mad! Like Howard says, we don’t care what you get mad about, but there’s certainly something out there grabbing you by the short-and-curlies. Once you’re good and steamed, seek out the like-minded, form a plan of action. Then act! Oh, and here’s today’s theme set to music!

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