Tip of the Day: ‘Never Give a Sucker an Even Break’

by Eubie on July 28, 2014

WC_Fields_nevergive ‘Godfrey Daniels!’


Yes, yes, never do THAT. But we’re referring to the 1941 W.C. Fields film… as in, watch it!

The farther away we are from the there-and-then, the more they are forgotten. And it’s a damn shame. Fields is an American comedy legend, an archetype. He made many, many wonderful (and wonderfully funny) films, going all the way back to the Silent Era, but there is a special place in our hearts for this, his masterpiece. At 61 and in failing health, NGSEB was Uncle Bill’s last starring role in a movie he wrote about himself (the ‘real’ W.C. Fields) pitching a ludicrous scenario for a film to a Hollywood studio executive. Surreal, self-referential to the extreme, and vintage Fields. It will be the best 77 minutes of your day!

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