Tip of the Day: What NOT to Eat at a Restaurant!

by Eubie on August 7, 2014

Here’s the list; scarf at your peril:

1. McCafe at Mickey D’s (nasty, nasty, nasty)

2. Taco Bell’s steak and/or bean dishes (more nasty… sensing a theme?)

3. Hot dogs at baseball games (Ouch! This one hurts! We loved a dog at Great American. One of the cheapest and tastiest)

4. Wendy’s chili (another painful realization)

5. Popcorn at the first movie of the day (leftovers anyone?)

6. BBQ sandies at KFC (looooong shelf-life)

7. Ice cream (price)

8. Meatloaf (most are made up of ‘mystery’ meat, just like back in school… same supplier?)

9. Iceberg lettuce (expensive and germ-y)

10. Best sellers (too much sitting on the shelf)

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