Tip of the Day: Sad Clown

by Eubie on August 12, 2014


UPDATE: While it is true that Robin Williams suffered from depression and drug/alcohol abuse, the latest scuttlebutt claims it might’ve been Death by Alimony. A harsh lesson for many current and future unrepentant bachelors to learn.

By now you’ve heard that comedy legend Robin Williams is dead (… ‘No, no, no, no, he’s outside, looking in!’) We’ll leave the accolades and impact assessment to others. Rather, as we consider the death of this, another ‘crying-on-the-inside’ kind of clown, it is important to note the connection. In the face the Abyss, one must either laugh or be driven to madness and maddening despair. Robin Williams made us laugh and will continue to make us laugh. Today’s tip is to run out and rent a couple of his unsung ‘classics,’ cult favorites that show a Williams somewhere in between Mork and Sy Parrish (from One Hour Photo,’ perhaps his most haunting performance, and surely to be well-referenced in the post-mortem on his life and death). But our picks are of a young Robin, just starting out, making quirky film role choices that led to Cinema Gold: The Survivors (1983) and The Best of Times (1986). And while you watch, tip a glasses and make one final toast to ‘Mondo, Bam Bam, and Dickey LaRue!’ … and,

To the funny men,

Who are, who were, who will be


And who will face the world naked,

But for the weapon of laughter


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