Tip of the Day: ‘Lions, Tigers, Monkeys, and Dogs’

by Eubie on August 14, 2014

thSometimes it seems as though Death is especially hungry for the harvest. These are those times. All we can do is weep and remember…

And speaking of remembering, today’s MeTV episode of The Rockford Files (Season 6, episode 2/3, October 12, 1979) featured the recently-deceased Hollywood icon Lauren Bacall playing opposite the also recently passed-on James Garner in a wonderfully complex two-parter about secrets, the past, envy, blackmail, revenge, and of course, murder (and for Rockford aficionados, it’s an ‘Angel’!). While it’s too late to see the opener on MeTV (check Netflix), you can catch the conclusion tomorrow at noon, East Coast Time. Points of Interest: the scenes between Bacall and Rockford are magic, but not for the reason you might think. In this episode, Jim is perpetually peptic, repeatedly tossing back bicarbonate of soda to deal with bad digestion brought on by the poor treatment he receives befitting his low social status. This teleplay asks some pretty deep questions about ‘class’ as both a ‘reality’ (social divisions) and a concept (representations of ‘status’). Also, in what has to be the creepiest of foreshadowing, Bacall and Garner have to attend a funeral in their quest to solve the case. The two died less than one month apart this summer. Finally, it’s worth the price of admission to see Bacall’s car conversation with Garner explaining the four types of dinner guests: lions, tigers, monkeys, and dogs.


JIM: Okay, I’ll bite. What do people want?

ANGEL: Polo ponies!

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