Tip of the Day: 7 Habits of the Fabulously Wealthy

by Eubie on February 22, 2015

Back on the horse, as it were, with one of our usual ‘How to Get Rich Not-So-Quickly’ posts. According to this missive from the good folks at Yahoo! Small Business Advisor, there are seven habits you should be cultivating. They are:

1) Persistence. Apparently it is, in fact, a habit.

2) Set Attainable Goals.

3) Seek Out a Career Mentor.

4) Be Positive.

5) ABE (Always Be Educating [Yourself])

6) Track Your Progress.

7) Surround Yourself with the Success-oriented.

And really, in a more general way, just try to be conscious of these seven habits and constantly strive to achieve, enhance, or expand on them. Now go out there today and make Momma proud!


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