Tip of the Day: You Got What It Takes to be a G-man?

by Eubie on April 6, 2015

Hannibal Lecter: “…while you could only dream of getting out… getting anywhere… getting all the way to the F-B-I.” 

And what does it take to get all the way to the F-B-I, other than enduring the mind games of a brilliant psychopathic serial killer (a la, Agent Starlings)? Well, passing this physical test of strength and endurance, for one. See if you qualify to be a modern day crime fighter (we’re gonna leave the women’s portion to some women’s-oriented blog to reference; we are, after all, unrepentant bachelors here).

1. 38+ situps in one minute (shoulders blades touch the ground followed by back perpendicular)

2. 52.4-second 300-meter sprint.

3. 30+ pushups, standard form, no time limit.

4. 12:24 or faster 1.5-mile run.

*No more than a five (5) minute rest between exercises. From there, it gets complicated. That is, even if you can knock these out with minimum scores, you still haven’t exactly passed the test. But give it a try. It’s a start anyway, Melvin.


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