September 2015

Tip of the Day: Put Down Them Long-haired Books!

by Eubie on September 15, 2015

… and do your book-learning on the InterWebs! Here is a story references 11 dynamite sites that will teach you how to do everything from, well, everything to everything! In no time you’ll be that guitar-playing yogi coder chess champion that you always dreamed of!


Tip of the Day: Morning Productivity

by Eubie on September 11, 2015

Early bird or night owl? If you’re like us, you prefer one (night owl) but are forced to live the other. If you are trapped in a life of morning drudgery, here are a few tips to help you persevere and overcome: 1) Drink a glass of water (with lemon). 2) Set and review goals (oh, […]


Tip of the Day: Tick Tock…

by Eubie on September 9, 2015

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day; you fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way.–Pink Floyd, 1973. Time marches on, waits for no man, and is the fire in which we burn. Yes, other than love, nothing seems to bring out the poet in us quite like the passing of […]


Tip of the Day: Plankity Plank Plank

by Eubie on September 8, 2015

Now this is an exercise we can get behind… or down on all fours, as it were. It’s called ‘planking,’ and as you might’ve guessed, it basically involves keeping your body stiff as a board for a period of time in order to tone up various ‘core’ muscle groups. The added benefits include better posture […]


After unearthing a little neo-noir gem from the mid-1970s, Night Movies (1975) starring Gene Hackman, who as of this writing is still alive (inside joke), we did what all cinephiles do in such situations: we headed over to Wikipedia to see what was the story behind the story. And, as is so often the case […]