‘Unrepentant Bachelors’? Who we talking about?

Good question! If you are a single man–or even a single woman (bachelorette)–and you make no apologies for your singlehood then you are an unrepentant bachelor. Society looks down on those of us who choose to go it alone, and here at the HUB we’re trying to remedy this unfortunate stigma, especially since there is a rising number of us out there. Our caste can be further broken down into:

Never married, no children (NEMNOCs): This is one of the fastest growing demographic cohorts in these United States of Uncle Samuel. The true trailblazers! These are the folks (male or female) who just never could come up with a good reason to buy the cow.

Divorced or Widowed (DOWs): Probably should divide these into separate categories, but we like the DOW acronym. For our ‘divorced’ brethren, coupling just didn’t take. For the widower <heavy sigh!>, singleness was sadly thrust upon them. Both groups are generally ‘transitional’ singles who find themselves in between marriages, but we’re a Big Tent society so all are welcome.

Baby Daddies: Didn’t buy the cow but got the milk for free. Now pay your damn child support. You’re making the rest of us look bad!


What’s with the tagline?

‘Last Angry Man’ is a common appellation given (or assumed by) those with a chip on their shoulders who came before. One of our heroes, Twilight Zone creator and showrunner (back before that become an industry term) Rod Serling, was known as the Last Angry Man of Television. We figure that if Rod and all the others were the ‘Last Angry Men’ then we must be the ‘Next’ ones… as in, we are them that follow after the ‘last ones.’


Is this another one of those irritating ‘lifestyle’ websites?

Lifestyle site? Indubitably! Irritating? Okay, maybe a little, but we try… oh, Lord, we try! The goal here is to help you loners (yes, particularly the boys) navigate through the rocky shoals of a world that was not meant for one as beautiful as you (that IS to say, a world totally geared toward the Marrying Class).


You got a motto?

S.I.N. (Safety In Numbers)


What’s the HUB?

You are HERE! Home of the Unrepentant Bachelor, or the HUB for short!


Where does the HUB stand on women?

Why, sir, we would never stand on women! Sit on them? Maybe… though many of us might prefer to be sat on instead. But stand? NEVER! All kidding aside, we love women… though some more than others. But a basic tenet of our philosophy is that prevailing cultural attitudes suggest a bias toward women, and that can often express itself as a double-edged sword. We want to move folks toward a more realistic view of the Fairer Sex, dispelling what in our estimation is the fundamental, underlying bias: that women are still the Weaker Sex needing protection. We fully support liberation and the treatment of women as equals, but that means taking the bad with the good. How so, you ask? For example, a correlate of this bias is that women are innately morally superior to men… i.e., men are bad (do bad things) and women aren’t (and don’t). We think women are just as good or as bad as men, which means the fact that men tend to do more bad things, such as express themselves through violence, is socio-culturally dependent. Sorry, I’ll tone down the verbiage. Women are less likely to get caught doing bad things, more likely to be excused for bad behavior (seen as not responsible because they are the Weaker Sex), and less prone to violence because of biology (less testosterone) and other, deterrent factors (less apt to resort to violence because, on a case-by-case basis, they are less likely to be in a situation where violence is seen as an efficient means of achieving an objective [cost/benefit-wise])… there’s a reason larger people generally pick on smaller people: they are more likely to successfully push the smaller person around. As women are increasingly socialized to employ violence, they are becoming more violent… at least, that’s what the eggheaded scientists and statisticians who study this sort of thing are saying. Check out an upcoming episode of Maury or Jerry Springer. You’ll see what we’re talking about.

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