Slide2This is where we’re going to focus on the minimum amount of crap you need to live in this world, with a particular emphasis on surviving in the Great Outdoors. The Lone Man in the Wilderness is an iconic Unrepentant Bachelor archetype, one that we want to continue to support. The problem is it’s getting tougher to find any Frontier to disappear into, though we’re just re-imaging the unexplored worlds of consciousness, the reality of which are more malleable, less definable, more opaque, less definitive… all of which is a way to say the same thing over and over: you can live off the land, explore the unexplored, push the boundaries and go beyond frontiers. Just not in the same way that old, iconic (largely fictional) character did back in the day when the Wilderness was easier to spot. Go forth into the unsullied fabric of space and time, just make sure your shit’s packed tight. And make sure you have the right stuff (in your knapsack and in your nut sack) to keep to the Road and make the Journey.

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