Jacob Marley

Jacob MarleyIn the deck of UB playing cards… : The Ghost

Backstory: Exactly when and where he was born is not known with any degree of certainty, but a reasonable guess is he’s a Londoner who made his debut sometime around the late 1700s. His death, on the other hand, is much clearer: December 24, 1836. In between, he was partnered in business with a certain Ebenezer Scrooge, who outlived him by many years and took over the company, a concern concerned mainly with moving money around: the Scrooge & Marley counting house. A man of singular focus–the acquisition of wealth–he never had much interest in finding a woman to share it with him. His lack of humanity while alive led to a punishment of ghosting, doomed to walk the earth as little more than wispy specter, weighted down with all the material crap that was so important to him when he shuffled among the living. Neither repentant nor redeemed, he did have a change of heart after a few years of doing the hard time he was sentenced to by whatever Otherworldly Puppet-master dispensing justice in the Next World.

What we learn: Tomorrow it may be too late. Help a brother out today so that you won’t have to go around scaring the heck out of friends, relatives, or business partners after your ticket gets punched.

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