The Doctor

Doctor Who 2In the deck of UB playing card… : The Time Lord

Backstory: A traveler of both time and space, the Doctor… Who? The Doctor! Born sometime in the distant past on the distant planet Gallifrey some 250 million light years away, and destroyed in the Time War that claimed all other Time Lords, as well as their sworn enemies, the Daleks, a race of cyborgs, at the hands of the good Doctor, himself. Why he chose to kill not only the enemy but his own people is somewhat confusing to everyone but the most ardent followers of the Doctor’s adventures. He is, though, the last of his kind, blessed or cursed to traipse around the space-time continuum with one or more Earthlings in tow, especially as he is partial to returning to London between the 50-year timeframe of 1963 to 2013. He is one being, but his ability to regenerate into a newer version of himself means he’s never quite himself.

What we learn: As another adventure-lovin’, space-time travelin’ enigma once said, “No matter where you go, there you are.”

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