The Lone Ranger

TLRIn the deck of UB playing cards… : The Guardian

Backstory: On New Year’s Day, 1874, a group of Texas Rangers were ambushed by a murderous gang of outlaws. Five were killed; one survived, nursed back to health by his childhood friend, a Potawatomi Native American named Tonto. This lone survivor became a masked vigilante–but not the first; that would be France’s Scarlet Pimpernel–and spent the rest of his days roaming the Badlands of the Southwest avenging his brother, pacifying a wild frontier, and moving on to the next adventure without so much as a ‘thank you’ from the locals who he helped. His name was John Reid, and he rode a fiery steed named Silver and plugged holes in ne’er-do-wells with equally-silver (and quite ostentatious) bullets. He also was an ancestor of another masked man, Britt Reid of Green Hornet fame.

What we learn: Man’s got to have a code to live by, a friend to watch his back, and reliable transportation.

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